The Quiet Man Bridge

If you’ve seen the movie “The Quiet Man” or a fan of John Wayne then this is a must stop. We must not forget Maureen O’ Hara either. The Quiet Man Bridge is a great stop on any tour of Connemara.

Where is it you may ask? Just off the main road on the way to Maam Cross coming out of Oughterard on the N59. One could very easily miss this little gem.”The Quiet Man” was filmed in and around Cong, Co. Mayo in 1951. However, as is normal many of the locations were a bit removed from the main setting, and so it is was the iconic bridge scene.

It’s a picturesque setting and is very understated.  Sitting on the bridge facing towards the west, one can view the beautiful backdrop of the Maamturk Mountains and a small lake in the foreground. As with most of our stops on a Connmera tour you will beed to have your camera ready to take advantage of this photo ops. Once you lay eyes on it you will instantly feel shifted back in time.

The little bridge, the lake, the creek, thatched houses nearby – it rarely gets better than that.

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A great stop on any Connemar Tour

The Quiet Man Bridge is a great stop on any Connemara Tour and we always suggest it to any of our guests. While all stops are completely optional we will always ensure you get the most from your Connemara tour be it a full day tour or a half day tour. As we said The Quiet Man Bridge will transport you back in time to what seems like such a long time ago. It is heart breaking to think that most of the cast from the Quiet Man Movie are no longer with us. Such is life, however it’s a magical thing to believe we can relive the magic of that time in a very small way still today simply by visitng the iconic Quiet Man Bridge